Accounts Payable Automation

Are you considering Accounts Payable Automation? Or maybe you want to improve your current solution? Accounts payable automation is often misunderstood. It is imperative to note that a good solution does not require you to turn your organization upside down. It should not be stressful nor risky. The key is following a proven methodology with a partner who will accept equal risk in the project. It is amazing how responsive a partner is when there is a risk of the project not proceeding. While this should not be needed it does help to make sure they are listening to your needs. It is also important they understand your ERP solution. They should have experience in how to integrate the accounts payable automation solution with your ERP solution. You also need to have a good project manager and change manager to help the project succeed. Ensure you allow enough time for the project. Typically, a project takes three months. Three months allows you to investigate your needs and test the solution thoroughly. Please avoid the month’s end as Accounts Payable can be stressed at this time.

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