The benefits of using CAAPS for your AP processing

Automation that saves you time and boosts productivity

CAAPS Automates:

  • Data Capture – and we will correct any data capture errors for you!

  • Routing of the invoice to the best person to solve an issue

  • Workflow for approvals according to your Delegation of Authority

  • Cost Coding

  • Statement Reconciliation

  • Two and three way matching with your purchase orders

  • Follow up with your staff to complete their tasks in CAAPS

Procedural compliance made easy


  • Uniformly applies your business rules to every single invoice processed

  • Ensures that each invoice is fully validated as correct and ready to pay

  • Drives approval process compliance

  • Records an audit trail on every invoice processed

Risk Management

CAAPS runs:

  • Extensive checks to reduce the chance of invoicing fraud

  • Comparisons of the bank details on every invoice against your vendor master to make sure that you are paying who you think you are paying

  • Duplicate detection validations and reports any suspect duplicate invoices

Real-time reporting at your fingertips

With CAAPS’ reporting you can:

  • Run accurate accruals at the click of a button
  • Have visibility over the progress of every invoice from the moment it arrives until the day it is paid

  • Have the basis for Big Data Analysis projects, including every expense line description

  • Integrate with Power BI to analyse expenditure:

  • Identify savings across all expenses

  • Capture rebates easily

  • Check that invoices match your contracted price

  • See data across Departments, Companies, and even different ERP solutions in one place.

IT Friendly Solution

With CAAPS you will have:

  • A click configurable solution

  • Proven integration with your ERP solution

  • Single Sign On