The benefits of using CAAPS for your AP processing

Automation that saves you time and boosts productivity

CAAPS Automates:

  • Data Capture – and we will correct any data capture errors for you!

  • Routing of the invoice to the best person to solve an issue

  • Workflow for approvals according to your Delegation of Authority

  • Cost Coding

  • Statement Reconciliation

  • Two and three way matching with your purchase orders

  • Follow up with your staff to complete their tasks in CAAPS

Procedural compliance made easy


  • Uniformly applies your business rules to every single invoice processed

  • Ensures that each invoice is fully validated as correct and ready to pay

  • Drives approval process compliance

  • Records an audit trail on every invoice processed

Risk Management

CAAPS runs:

  • Extensive checks to reduce the chance of invoicing fraud

  • Comparisons of the bank details on every invoice against your vendor master to make sure that you are paying who you think you are paying

  • Duplicate detection validations and reports any suspect duplicate invoices

Real-time reporting at your fingertips

With CAAPS’ reporting you can:

  • Run accurate accruals at the click of a button
  • Have visibility over the progress of every invoice from the moment it arrives until the day it is paid

  • Have the basis for Big Data Analysis projects, including every expense line description

  • Integrate with Power BI to analyse expenditure:

  • Identify savings across all expenses

  • Capture rebates easily

  • Check that invoices match your contracted price

  • See data across Departments, Companies, and even different ERP solutions in one place.

IT Friendly Solution

With CAAPS you will have:

  • A click configurable solution

  • Proven integration with your ERP solution

  • Single Sign On

If you would like to review more information about CAAPS (Complete Automated Accounts Payable Solution) functionality check out the Benefits page or if you have some questions about CAAPS and how it can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us at any time.

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