CAAPS Blog- Your Guide to Accounts Payable Automation

CAAPS Blog focus on informing you about accounts payable invoice processing and invoice automation. We endeavour to keep you updated about technology, innovation, change management and what you may expect along the way.

We cover accounts payable automation and how it is impacted by the adoption of the new e-invoice standards.

We discuss how false billing is now one of the greatest frauds affecting business.

You can learn about the pitfalls of off-shoring or outsourcing accounts payable.

Our purpose is to help you become informed as quickly and easily as possible about how you can improve your AP processes while avoiding the potholes.

There are significant opportunities available to you to improve your accounts payable processes without the need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can discover machine learning (AI, or Artificial Intelligence) and how it is changing invoice processing and invoice processing software.

You can discover innovation and new software that enhances your existing accounts payable team and protects it against fraud, mistakes and criticism.

Empowering your staff with improved tools reduces their stress and improves their job satisfaction.

Read these BLOG now and be informed quickly and easily about how your team can be supported in the transition to an automated accounts payable system.

These blog have been written and compiled by Richard Bates, CEO of Acumen Data Pty Ltd an industry authority on accounts payable best practice. Richard has researched extensively on current issues affecting accounts payable systems, their efficiency and their security. These blog contain the fruits of his experience as well as research from other leading industry figures. They represent a rich, easily accessible and plain English resource which will quickly get you up to speed on the benefits and process of automating your accounts payable procedures.

Your guide to accounts payable automation.

Please delve into them and of course feel free to Contact Us

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How to workshop your way to successful accounts payable projects

When you’re busy running a business and dashing between meetings, the thought of holding a workshop may not be enticing - but if you are intending to introduce a new business process, such as automated accounts payable, it can be the smart thing to do.   

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