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TSC Group has reduced overheads and increased working capital with Acumen Data’s CAAPS solution.

About TSC

  • TSC Group Holdings was established in 2012 and is the holding company for a group of industrial service businesses that comprise Trilogy Building Services and Spectrum Fire & Security in Australia and Cowley Services in New Zealand.
  • The businesses provide a range of technical maintenance services and small-scale fit outs for commercial and industrial HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), refrigeration, fire safety as well as security.
  • TSC Holdings processes between 10-12,000 invoices a month and employs six accounts payable staff.


The desire to reduce overheads, increase working capital and improve data quality and supplier relationships motivated industrial service provider TSC Group Holdings Pty Ltd to move to an automated accounts payable system.

To find the best software solution for their business, TSC evaluated a number of providers based on value, functionality and internal requirements. Central to requirements was a system that delivered a fast turnaround time for incoming invoices to ensure costs aligned with purchase orders and accurate billing.


Within weeks of the Acumen Data Complete Automated Accounts Payable Solution (CAAPS) going live, 85 percent of business invoices were being processed through the automated system and TSC cited reduced labour and archiving costs, fewer lost documents and eliminating the risk of duplicate payments among the key benefits experienced.

Electronic storage of invoices has also brought benefits, allowing the invoices to be easily accessed from different sites and related support tasks to be shared between locations.

Video guides and workshops alongside cross-functional management reviews aided system implementation, whilst ongoing weekly reviews and program upgrades continue to improve functionality.