E-invoice Processing

The e-invoice format is now an approved standard in New Zealand and Australia

Benefits of e-invoices:

  • No manual typing / data entry required

  • Lower invoice processing costs

  • Lower risk of fake or compromised invoices being sent

CAAPS accepts:

  • e-invoice data

  • PDF invoices attached to emails

  • Hardcopy invoices scanned to PDF format

  • EDI data (structured to suit your business)

We can help you to set up e-invoice processing with your key suppliers. Contact Us to find out more.

Things to consider…

While e-invoicing promotes the secure transfer of invoice data, it does not validate that the invoice matches your purchase order or that the goods or services have been received in good order.

Nothing changes in terms of the way you process the invoice through to payment. E-invoices just make it easier to capture the data into your financial system.
You may also prefer to convert the data into a PDF document. This will give you a visual version that you can then email to interested parties. A version in PDF that replicates a traditional invoice document will also help to ensure that your staff are comfortable with the transition to e-invoices.

If you are interested in getting started with e-invoices for your business and you would like some information on how CAAPS can help you, call us or send an inquiry at any time.

If you would like to review more information about CAAPS functionality check out the Benefits page.

Or if you have some questions about invoice processing automation and how it can benefit you, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us at any time

Click here for more information on the new Peppol e-invoice standard.

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