How do you Automate an AP Process in Eight Steps?

Although the Accounts Payable process should be a stress-free one, it, however, includes some crucial steps that you need to follow. These steps include the following:

How do you Automate an AP Process in Eight Steps?

Document the flow of your current Accounts Payable manual process. Include the rules you use when you decide the invoice needs to follow a certain path. The same logic will be used in the Automation of the AP Process.

How to Automate an AP Process Step Two

Now looking at the logic being used at each decision point try to assign the amount of time the decision takes. Also, try to qualify the volume of invoices that get to that point. What this step will help you recognize is which are the pain points that you need automation to fix.

How to Automate an AP Process Step Three

Now you have the key needs you can add standard requirements and questions to help with your investigation. This should include:

  • Will your solution capture the invoice data? Do you fix the capture errors or do we?

  • Does the solution validate invoices for GST?

  • Does the solution include reporting and a dashboard?

  • Does the solution support 3-way matching?

  • How does the solution prevent fraud?

  • Is there an audit trail of approvals?

How to Automate an AP Process Step Four

Now you have a shortlist of providers, request a demonstration using your invoices in the demonstration.

How to Automate an AP Process Step Five

Now you have your preferred supplier ask them to provide the solution on the understanding that it must work as you require. If not, they should be willing to refund your setup costs and cancel any contract with no penalties. After all, you get to test drive cars why not software.

How to Automate an AP Process Step Six

Ensure you have communicated with all stakeholders about the project before it starts. Ensure the staff has training and or access to training material.

How to Automate an AP Process Step Seven

Create a testing team from across the organization to ensure all interested parties understand how the solution works. They can also identify any issues or improvements that may help. Make sure your test is from an invoice arriving through to when it is in the ERP solution ready for payment. A true end-to-end test.

How to Automate an AP Process Step Eight

Do not go live at the end of the month. This is the busiest time for AP. The second week is ideal. This allows you to address any issues before the month end. Also do not expect the AP staff to train or test over a month’s end.

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