About us

Since its inception twenty-five years ago, Acumen Data has helped businesses around the world grow and prosper via our software and partner network.


Acumen Data was created with funding support by Playford Capital, which sourced its funding from recognised entities including Microsoft, EDS and the State Government. To this day, Acumen Data has developed software solutions sold in 26 countries and counting.

Current Focus

Today, Acumen Data is dedicated to introducing forward-thinking businesses to a new standard in Accounts Payable Automation. The team specialises in developing and providing highly flexible and configurable Accounts Payable Solution that can be adapted to fit the unique needs of businesses in all sectors. Acumen Data is proud to be a market-leader in AP automation, solving traditional difficulties while presenting once-unimaginable innovations in order for clients to gain new visibility, wisdom and growth on behalf of their organisation.

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