caaps ms dynamics 365

CAAPS for Dynamics 365 Finance

D365 Finance Optimisation

CAAPS combines with F&O to create a highly Optimised Procurement and Accounts Payable Process. Make your procurement and payment process easier, more productive, more cost effective, safer and more secure. Watch in a few minutes how we can do this.

How does CAAPS help Accounts Payable?

  • Data capture does not need to be checked or corrected by AP. CAAPS staff correct the capture errors, so you do not need to.
  • Automated Statement Reconciliation including letting you and the supplier know if there are missing invoices or Credit Notes.
  • Bank Account Details are checked every time. You can be alerted if a supplier has changed their Bank or BPAY details. You can also identify Fraud attempts.
  • Purchase order issues can be routed automatically to the person who raised the PO. And yes, CAAPS will chase them up for you.
  • Receipting issues can be automatically routed to the best person to create the receipt.
  • Re-occurring invoices can be automatically GL Coded across one or more Cost Codes.
  • Advanced intelligent line matching in CAAPS reduces your workload matching Invoices to Purchase Orders.
  • Invoices can be automatically routed to approvers.
    And yes, you can keep complete visibility to every invoice at every stage.

How does CAAPS help the Approver?

  • CAAPS checks the invoice thoroughly before you receive it. You can see all the history with full details.
  • CAAPS ensures each and every invoice flows through your approval process exactly as you wish.
  • Approval and creation of a receipt can be completed with one button click.

    Easier and more accurate.

How does CAAPS help Procurement?

  • CAAPS tracks every supplier’s invoice. It records each part and description. You can search for any product or service. For example, LPG. You will be able to get the data of who you purchased from, volume and cost. Perfect for when you want to award a new contract.
  • CAAPS will show you the trend in prices for the product so you can understand if they are increasing or decreasing.
  • CAAPS can show you the best price from the same supplier making raising purchase orders easy and more accurate in less time.

    Lower costs and less errors.

Interested in heightening productivity, minimizing errors, and bolstering security?