AP Automation with Automated Cost Savings

Complete Automated Savings Advisor (CASA)

If your business relies on the purchase and sale of stock, you may not always be paying the best price – especially when purchasing is conducted via multiple offices, suppliers, and products.

Optimised Savings

CASA keeps your purchasing department informed of every potential saving in buying stock at the best price and time. In fact, any member of your organisation can use it to find the best prices for items prior to purchase.

AP Automation with Optimised Savings
AP Automation to Identify Savings

Identify Every Savings Opportunity

You want to optimise procurement to ensure costs stay low – but it’s a real challenge to continually research and update supplier price lists so that no employee makes more costly purchases than necessary. With business costs rising faster than ever, it has never been more important for businesses to buy well. Engage with CAAPS to discover how efficiently and easily you can empower your procurement process while successfully negotiating and improving supplier relationships.


See the best price for any product, understand seasonal distribution and how much you could save if you purchased the same product from the same supplier at the best price

  • Identify which products are trending up

  • Produce single savings reports to circulate throughout your entire group regardless of multiple ERP solutions

  • Raise more accurate Purchase Orders and ensure easier processing across your business

  • Investigate your expenditure with real-time data down to each line item of every invoice

  • Gain a 360° view of your supplier

  • Power your supplier negotiations with comprehensive and accurate procurement insights

  • Run reports to identify discounts and claim rebates

  • Check invoices against contracted prices.

AP Automation for Procurement
AP Automation with Future Potential

Future Potential

The CAAPS Savings App is continually growing thanks to the dedicated work of Acumen Data developers, with upcoming features including:

  • Rebate Calculations
  • Contract Compliance
  • And much more…

CASA is easier to understand and run with CAAPS.