Accounts Payable Automation Why CAAPS


Evolve your Accounts Payable processing with CAAPS – the automated path to truly efficient AP management. Businesses around the world choose CAAPS for its comprehensive range of profitable benefits,


Efficient Accounts Payable Processing

A highly configurable solution with business rules that can be tuned to meet your current and future needs. Your CAAPS solution will be configured to meet your unique needs and apply Accounts Payable best practices. We will continue to work with you as you uncover opportunities to make your team more efficient and the business outcomes better.

Accounts Payable Automation Processing Efficiency
Accounts Payable Automation Invoice Visibility


Track and view every invoice from the moment it arrives to the moment it is paid.

False Billing Detection

Despite procedures to ensure only appropriate payments are made, false billing inevitably occurs. It is the largest form of business fraud according to ACCC reportage, costing organisations millions.

Reduce the chance of false billing with CAAPS as it applies numerous checks each and every time looking for any signs of False Billing. If it finds anything suspect, it will bring it to your attention. Checking all invoices before they are exported to your finance software – so even when your AP team is at capacity, your money remains fully protected.

Accounts Payable Automation including False Billing Detection
Accounts Payable Automation Automated Statement Reconciliation

Automated Statement Reconciliation

Complete statement reconciliation automatically, including notification of suppliers regarding missing invoices and credit notes.


A highly configurable platform with 150+ business rules that can be tuned to meet current and future needs.

Your CAAPS solution will initially be configured according to Accounts Payable best practices, then you’re handed the keys to apply and maintain organisation-specific configurations at zero cost.

Accounts Payable Automation Click Configurable
Accounts Payable Automation Proven Project Methodology

Proven Project Methodology

Our Accounts Payable automation project experience guarantees your project will be pain-free.

Benefit from exclusive insights and workshops covering the ways that organisations use CAAPS to solve the same problems you face and open doors to your goals.

Process Change

Change can be difficult – CAAPS makes it less stressful with a dedicated guide to ensuring all your stakeholders are involved and informed from Day #1.

You will receive a proven, step-by-step methodology to bring everyone on board and prevent the traditional grief of change.

Accounts Payable Automation Process Change
Accounts Payable Automation Reduced Risk

Reduced Risk

Every invoice is consistently checked in accordance with your exact rules.

With 100% visibility and a detailed audit trail of all invoices kept, CAAPS empowers you to ensure you do everything possible to remediate risk.

Improved Productivity and Reduced Stress

  • Let CAAPS handle every mundane and frustrating task so you can focus on applying your skills productively
  • Remove the need to check for duplicates
  • Whether suppliers are GST-registered
  • Chasing people
  • Precisely display the root of the friction reducing invoice flow.
  • Employ visibility so senior management can easily understand the current difficulties and how they can be solved.
Accounts Payable Automation Improved Productivity
Accounts Payable Automation Reduced Cost

Reduced Costs

Avoid wasting funds with repeat processes.

Automated Two- and Three-Way Matching (+Straight-Through Processing)

CAAPS enables straight-through processing by identifying purchase orders, purchase order lines and goods receipts then matching

Accounts Payable Automation for two and three way matching
Accounts Payable Automation with Automated Reminders

Automated Reminders

Define how CAAPS follows up with your staff to ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Optimised Workflow

CAAPS ensures the right person gets the right document, preserving productivity and honing organisation-wide workflows.

Accounts Payable Automation with Optimised Workflow
Accounts Payable Automation with Automated Savings

Automated Savings

CAAPS tracks each line of every invoice then produces rich data for you to implement and benefit from.

See your spending on a product or service, its best available price and projected savings across any time period.

See purchase frequency and volume to understand seasonal trends, identify new strategies and single out declining services e.g., use CAAPS to determine the best source for LPG and start supplier negotiations armed with the data you need to broker a fair deal.

Data Capture

CAAPS deploys advanced ML and fuzzy logic to capture data from your invoices.

In addition to our automated services, an in-house human team consistently reviews data capture to ensure a consistent, quality experience for clients.

Accounts Payable Automation with Human Correction of Data Capture so you do not need to
Accounts Payable Automation with an Audit Trail

Audit Trail

Identify who processed and approved every invoice, when related activities were completed, and ensure that the correct approvals are completed prior to payment.

Automated Duplicate Rejection and Reporting

CAAPS singles out all duplicate invoices, saving you valuable time, money, and resources.

You can even automatically notify your suppliers to stop sending duplicates.

Accounts Payable Automation including Detecting Suspect Duplicates
Accounts Payable Automation with Real-Time Accrual Reports

Real-Time Accrual Reports

No more guesswork – always be aware of how much you owe and to whom.

Invoices are recorded and captured the moment they arrive, so you always know the status of the invoice, who possesses it and how long you have had it.

Delegation of Authority

Powerful yet easy to configure, CAAPS’ authority delegation features ensure that approvals are made appropriately and consistently.

Accounts Payable Automation with DOA Controls
Accounts Payable Automation with Power BI Integration

CAAPS Power BI App

CAAPS transfers all data to its linked Power BI App, where deep data streams enable you to reach further than traditional finance software permits and apply your findings to fuel growth.

Mine data from every line description, see what was purchased, when it arrived and when it was ordered. Generate detailed reports bespoke to your organisation’s needs.

Assess invoice processing flows and identify all bottlenecks, including suppliers and branches that cause the most friction and respond slowest, and parties creating poor purchase orders.

CAAPS & Power BI Empowers you with accurate and in-depth data you do not currently have easy access to.

Secure Single Sign-In

CAAPS ensures your staff no longer need to remember an array of passwords. Stop worrying about weak passwords, ensure access for authorised users only, and easily adjust organisational access from a single point.

Accounts Payable Automation with Secure Single Sign On

A member of our team would be delighted to walk you through how CAAPS can optimise your organisation’s productivity with accurate, effortless, quick, and confident Accounts Payable automation.