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Proven ERP Integrations

CAAPS and Power BI feel at home with the systems you already use.

CAAPS for Dynamics 365 Finance

CAAPS, tailor-made for Dynamics 365 Finance, facilitates automated processing of both purchase order and non-purchase order invoices. Its integration is seamless, ensuring real-time data accuracy and eliminating potential delays. With CAAPS, the accuracy of invoice entries into your D365 Finance system is ensured. It also provides a rigorous invoice inspection mechanism to prevent fraudulent activities and duplicate payments. This offers you comprehensive visibility into your financial operations, from the moment an invoice arrives to its final settlement. More…

CAAPS for Datascape

CAAPS, a trusted AP Automation solution for Datascape, has demonstrated its efficiency within numerous Local Government organizations. It enhances Datascape’s capabilities by automating mundane and time-consuming tasks such as removal of duplicates, spam filtering, and automating statement reconciliation. This symbiotic pairing of CAAPS and Datascape creates an optimized environment for Local Government operations. More…

CAAPS for Netsuite

Our partnership with Oracle at Acumen Data has empowered us to engineer an optimum solution for Netsuite in the form of CAAPS. This tool ensures comprehensive visibility from the arrival of an invoice to its final payment. By minimizing the likelihood of fraudulent activities, CAAPS also significantly reduces manual labor and the inherent errors associated with traditional invoice processing. It streamlines operations by automating routine tasks such as data capture, duplicate removal, GST validation, and statement reconciliation.

Beyond these practicalities, CAAPS serves a broader purpose. It constructs an expansive database by capturing every line description on each invoice, providing a previously untapped wealth of data. This wealth of information offers a unique opportunity for nuanced analysis and strategic decision-making, thereby adding significant value to your financial management process.

CAAPS for Pronto

CAAPS offers a comprehensive solution for Accounts Payable Automation, meticulously designed for integration with Pronto. It provides a user-friendly interface for both Accounts Payable and Approvers, and importantly, it does not include per-user license costs. CAAPS has the unique ability to capture the line description for every invoice, paving the way for robust Power BI applications, including Big Data analysis, rebate calculation, potential savings identification, and improved procurement strategies. Moreover, it automates data capture, cost coding, and assignment of purchase orders or GL coding for utilities and government invoices, facilitating a smoother and more efficient invoice processing workflow.

CAAPS for Sage X3

Our collaborations with Sage Dealers have empowered us to offer AP Automation solutions spanning a diverse array of industries such as Timber, Early Development Education, Distribution, and Wholesale.
CAAPS enhances operational efficiency by automating key tasks like invoice capture, three-way matching, and GL Coding. Furthermore, it eliminates tedious tasks like invoice validation, GST validation, Bank Account validation, and statement reconciliation.

More than just a tool, CAAPS acts as an amplifier, optimizing the benefits and functionality of Sage X3. It leverages the strengths of Sage X3, enhancing its potential by automating and streamlining processes, allowing your business to focus on strategic growth rather than the minutiae of invoice management.

Beyond efficiency and cost-effectiveness, CAAPS enhances your SAP investment by building a rich repository of data, providing crucial insights into your procurement practices. This is achieved as CAAPS meticulously captures every line description, thereby constructing a comprehensive warehouse of procurement knowledge. Furthermore, CAAPS mitigates the risk of fraud through exhaustive validation processes, adding another layer of security to your operations. With CAAPS, your business can leverage an advanced, data-driven approach to procurement and invoice management, enhancing productivity and fostering smarter decision-making.


CAAPS stands as a proven solution for SAP, offering flexible workflows that can be adapted to meet your business requirements, both current and future.
Through CAAPS’ click configuration, you can optimize your invoice processing according to your unique business needs. Unique to CAAPS is its cost-effectiveness: you are charged solely for the invoices you process, ensuring that you are not burdened with the costs of unused volume.

Empower your ERP with CAAPS.