• Mitigate False Billing Risks
  • Prevent GST Fraud
  • Verify the Bank Details every time. The supplier’s bank details are correct, and that you are paying who you think you are
  • Confirm Receipt of Services \ Goods have been received correctly.
  • Duplicate Payment Detection. Ensure you are not paying a duplicate.
  • Ensure the correct Delegation of Authority

False Billing Detection

Despite rigorous procedures, false billing remains a prevalent form of business fraud, costing organizations millions each year, as reported by the ACCC. CAAPS minimizes this risk by performing multiple checks on each invoice, alerting you to any potential issues before exporting them to your financial software. This ensures protection even when your accounts payable team is at full capacity.

GST Fraud Prevention

It’s common for invoices to mistakenly include GST from suppliers no longer registered to charge it. Businesses often lack the resources to continually verify GST compliance. FraudDefender automates this check for every invoice, ensuring you are not complicit in GST fraud.

Risk Reduction

Every invoice is rigorously scrutinized based on your specific protocols. CAAPS provides 100% visibility and maintains a detailed audit trail for all invoices, empowering you to mitigate risks effectively.

Audit Trail

Track who processed and approved every invoice, document completion times for related activities, and ensure that payments proceed only after necessary approvals.

Interested in heightening productivity, minimizing errors, and bolstering security?