Accounts Payable Automation with Proven Project Methodology

Project Methodology

Every CAAPS client receives bespoke support in creating an AP automation product that meets and exceeds the unique needs of their business.

The Right Tool for YOUR Business

A highly configurable solution with business rules that can be tuned to meet your current and future needs. Your CAAPS solution will be configured to meet your unique needs and apply Accounts Payable best practices. We will continue to work with you as you uncover opportunities to make your team more efficient and the business outcomes better.

Accounts Payable Automation The Right Tool for your Business
Accounts Payable Automation with Proven Project Plans

Proven Project Plans

Throughout our twenty-five years of operation, CAAPS has developed a powerful, adaptable project plan proven through many developments and implementations. While no two CAAPS products end up the same, they all begin from the same tried-and-tested base project plan.

At a minimum, this includes:

  • Defining your points of contact for the project (installation and maintenance)
  • Schedule a consultation with your designated contacts to comprehend their unique requirements and strategize how CAAPS will be configured to effectively address these needs
  • Defining the optimum methodology for ensuring efficient communication so no element is overlooked
  • Requests for all information required by our team to set up your CAAPS system to perform at its best for your business needs
  • Assistance in recognising any of your resources that will be required – and when this requirement may be
  • The creation of an agreed project plan featuring dates, milestones, dependencies etc.
  • Determining a training schedule so that the relevant members of your team can be introduced to and made experts in CAAPS (comprehensive learning resources will be provided)
  • Planning of User Acceptance testing, a live meeting for final sign-off just before you go LIVE, and a post-live meeting to ensure you are on the right track for business success using CAAPS
  • Provision of CAAPS support contact details for any and all queries, issues and support required by your business – whether it be one day or one decade after supercharging your AP processes with CAAPS.

Once you have been introduced to the project plan, you will be confident of knowing what will happen, when, and which of your resources will be required.

Accounts Payable Automation with Project Visibility and Reliability

Ready to define a bespoke methodology for your business so that you can automate your AP processes and significantly improve operational efficiency with CAAPS?