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CAAPS for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

D365 Finance & Operation Optimisation

CAAPS combines with F&O to create a highly Optimised Procurement and Accounts Payable Process. Make your procurement and payment process easier, more productive, more cost effective, safer and more secure. Watch in a few minutes how we can do this.

How do you boost Accounts Payable Productivity with Dynamics 365 Finance and operations?

Placing an order with a supplier is straightforward, but ensuring the alignment of your purchase order, receipt, and invoice can be challenging. CAAPS simplifies this process with an array of automated matching features.

In a perfect scenario, every invoice would be paired seamlessly with a pre-approved, valid purchase order, not one generated after the invoice’s arrival. So, how does CAAPS streamline this process for your accounts payable automation?

Consistent procurement at optimal prices can be challenging. Maintaining the accuracy of price books for a vast range of products and services becomes even more intricate with distributed purchasing. Add fluctuating prices and indirect charges, such as freight, to the equation, and you’re navigating a costly maze.

Enter CAAPS: your solution for smart procurement.

According to the ACCC ScamWatch Report, instances of false billing have surged by 1174% from the previous year. Businesses handling high-volume transactions, where there’s limited time to meticulously examine every invoice, are prime targets. Furthermore, GST fraud adds another layer of complexity. This dual threat pressures Accounts Payable departments both in terms of potential financial losses and productivity impacts. See how CAAPS® FraudDefender® helps protect you.

Interested in heightening productivity, minimizing errors, and bolstering security?