AP Automation with Power BI


Leverage insightful data to comprehensively understand the patterns and frequency of your invoice flow, thereby identifying actionable trends for optimisation.

Measure Efficiency with the Power BI APP

  • Measure AP KPIs
  • See branch performance, which suppliers are causing the most issues – and which purchase order requisitioners are creating poor quality purchase orders
  • Measure invoice processing efficiency
  • Determine the common exceptions that prevent invoices from being successfully processed
  • Accurate and current overview of liabilities
  • Measure indirect charges e.g., freight, postage and handling etc.
  • Identify your straight-through processing success rate and every element that affects it
AP Automation with Tools to track your progress
AP Automation with Accurate Accrual Reports

Accurate Real-Time Accrual Reports

Gain clarity on your outstanding liabilities, understanding who you owe, the status and custodian of each invoice, and the duration for which they’ve been held.

With immediate tracking and comprehensive, real-time monitoring, put an end to accrual report guesswork for good.

Accurate Capture of Invoice Receipt

Generate accurate accruals with a single click, including all extra information required to make reports as beneficial as possible.

AP Automation with Accurate Invoice Capture


See clearly which branch or supplier is generating the most invoice errors, then address your efforts to the areas in which they will create the greatest reward.

AP Automation to Remove Bottlenecks
AP Automation to Facilitate Purchase Order Clarity

Purchase Order Clarity

Determine who is creating poor quality purchase orders, then empower purchasers and reduce errors by providing accurate product info including product codes and pricing – making it easier to raise accurate purchase orders for even the smallest, least frequent purchases.

Custom Reports

Easily generate the reports you need with every possible finance data metric available in one simple, easy-to-use and endlessly actionable tool.

AP Automation with Access to Custom Reports
AP Automation with Automated Report Generation

Automated Reports

At any time, create detailed reports to your exact spec and email them to all interested parties, saving countless work hours and removing all risk of human error.

Payment Time Reporting

Accurate payment time reports require you to know specifically when an invoice is received and if you must make a supplier report. You must capture payment or part-payment and log any disputes.

CAAPS records these details and more, generating accurate payment time reports in just a few clicks so they can be signed off with total confidence.

AP Automation with Payment Time Reporting
AP Automation to create Big Data Resource

Line Descriptions

Use CAAPS to capture every line description, then use the CAAPS Power BI App to search every line and delve into data including who supplied the product and how much it cost you.

Take your organisation’s efficiency to new heights by streamlining operations with the CAAPS Power BI App.